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Why I Teach

I grew up surrounded by music and began singing in church at a very young age. I quickly realized that singing gave me the ability to process life and communicate my faith in a real and honest way.

I loved it! I found songs that said what I wanted to say and shared them everywhere! I sang in church, school assemblies, talent shows, choirs, musicals -

I loved all of it! 

In high school, my closest friends and I formed a band and I discovered the joy of writing my own lyrics and music. I would write all week and bring the new tunes to our weekend rehearsals in my bandmate's garage. I remember my mom signing me up for a few voice lessons with a wonderful classical voice teacher during that season. Looking back, I'm sure she was teaching me some helpful techniques, but at the time it seemed so disconnected from the music I was singing. I struggled to understand how to apply what I was learning in lessons to the music I was performing and writing.

The first time I had consistent voice training was my freshman year of college as a music education major. I was singing classical soprano rep all week and driving home on the weekends to lead worship at church and sing with my band. My voice started to struggle under the amount of singing and vastly contrasting repertoire. I remember asking my voice instructor for advice on how to sing more sustainably between these musical genres. He told me that the best option would be to quit singing the commercial styles of music and focus on only classical for my 4 years of college. I was devastated and became more determined to keep up with it all even though my voice was struggling. 


I transferred schools my junior year of college and began working with a teacher who valued exploring and teaching a wide variety of styles. It was wonderful to work with someone who understood me - but singing still felt effortful. I thought that struggle and effort was just normal for someone with my type of voice, but in truth my technique was unsustainable. In God's mercy, I ended up with nodules the end of my Junior year and had to start making some major habit and technique changes.

It was a pivotal season of speech therapy, new vocal exploration, and the small taste of less vocal effort.

That small taste was all I needed! It led me to seek out further education in functional voice training after completing my undergrad degree. I received my certification in Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method in the summer of 2012 and began to see the amazing power of functional/science based technique in my own singing and in those I was teaching. The ease and freedom this training provided was a game changer and I wanted to keep building my skill. I completed my master's degree in Contemporary Commercial Voice Pedagogy in 2015 at Shenandoah University and am so grateful for the vocal foundation and growth that training has provided me.

In my past ten years of training vocalists privately and at the college level, I have seen how every part of my story enables me to equip, empathize, and encourage artists to find vocal freedom and establish sustainable functional based technique.

I long to empower singers to ditch the effort and replace it with vocal authenticity that impacts and connects to their audiences.


Wanna hear more about me?

Check out my discussion on the importance of  identity with Marc Lucas on the Form Show!


Vocalists will receive training in functional based technique that will help equip, build, and maintain a healthy voice! You will learn about vocal anatomy, breathing techniques, tools to help release tension in the voice, and find freedom through body movement.


Sustainable technique frees us up to sing from the heart. That's the real goal as artists!

Voice training sessions will encourage vocal exploration and emotional connection to the song text. You will also be invited to uncover and hone in on your vocal uniqueness and expression.


All voice training sessions are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual vocalist. Exercises and repertoire will be intentionally chosen to help achieve the desired goals. Any style is welcome - whether you are honing a piece for performance or exploring something brand new to see where it might

lead artistically.


 Vocalists will be equipped to carry their technical training into their various performance spaces. Exercises and tools will be varied to promote growth and give you a daily practice of warm-up, work out, and cool down. You will also have the opportunity to perform in studio concerts and masterclasses.


Training Sessions

Drop-In Session Fees:

(any frequency less than 4 times a month)

30-minute session: $40 

60-minute session: $80 

Monthly Session Fees:

4, 30-minute sessions: $140
4, 60-minute sessions: $280

Masterclass & Recital Fees: Determined based on the event.

Are you a Likewise Worship Leader?

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Workshops & Clinics


I offer specialized functional voice training specifically for Contemporary Commercial Vocalists tailored to the specific needs of your group; covering topics such as (but not limited to): vocal stamina, release of constriction & tension, vocal health, range building, flexibility & agility, singing with efficiency, and vocal style.

This training will be shared through lecture and hands-on masterclass format. Tools and exercises will be given to

best maximize the topic covered.

Materials and handouts will be provided.

**Workshop & Clinic fees are based on the needs of each group. Please inquire below for more information!

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Master of Music in

Contemporary and Commercial VOICE PEDAGOGY

Shenandoah University Conservatory of Music 



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The Contemporary and Commercial Voice Pedagogy Institute of Shenandoah University SUMMER 2014


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The Contemporary and Commercial Voice Pedagogy Institute of Shenandoah University


Somatic Voicework™
The LoVetri Method


The Contemporary and Commercial Voice Pedagogy Institute of Shenandoah University




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